St Simons Beach rental home


$250.00 to $400.00 Off Remaining Weeks! Call 912.268.1470 for more information.

Featured in the 52nd Annual Sea Island and St. Simons Island Home and Garden Tour


“We have had a fantastic week here at your fabulous home.  We watched the July 4th fireworks from   the   roof deck and they were amazing. Thank you for sharing your incredible home. It is so comfortable here and everything is just beautiful.”

Dana and Doug Sullenberger

Atlanta, GA

“Absolutely incredible. Thanks for your help. My family has already decided to make this an annual trip to Atlantus!”

Tiffany Murphy
Entertainment Productions

Peachtree City, GA

“You both have really captured the feeling of luxury in Atlantus.  We will treasure the time that we have spent there and look forward to returning.  We not only hope that all your guests will have the best memories, we know that they will!

People say a picture is worth a thousand words but being at Atlantus is a thousand times better than ANY picture.”

Dan & Cathy Wrench

President, Forthought, Inc.
N.Hutchinson Island, Florida

“Your place is wonderful.  Our jaws dropped as we walked around.  After having vacationed at St. Simons for 20 years, we had a 5 year hiatus.  You have made our return quite memorable. ”

Meg Haynes
Washington, D.C.

“Rarely do things meet expectations.  Atlantus exceeded expectations. Our kids don’t want to leave! We had a great week. ”


Michael Choate


Chicago, Illinois